Friday, October 23, 2009

Get On Top

Let’s talk about ZZ Top. Let’s talk about how grossly underrated that band is. I think we all owe ZZ Top an apology. They deserve better. The common misconception is that ZZ Top is all about beards and sunglasses. Um…what the fuck is wrong with that? Most of you, dear blog readers, have worn beards and sunglasses. But if all you think about is ZZ Top’s campiness, you’re missing the fact that they’re actually great musicians.

A classic clean edged rock sound rooted deeply in Southern blues. If Scott Weiland sang for ZZ Top and Dave Navarro was on guitar they’d be much more famous. I think most people associate “rock star” with tight pants and scarves. (See Steven Tyler, Weiland, Chris Robinson, Axl Rose, etc…) They forgot that the point of the rock musician is to be effortlessly cool (ie: Lou Reed) with a simple leather jacket, cocaine and shades. Oh wait—that’s ZZ Top. They’re cool. Take off your feather boa, Navarro. By the way, did you actually think that Carmen Electra was going to be married to you forever? In your dreams. On a completely unrelated side note: every couple on that MTV married show is now divorced. Dave, The Blink 182 drummer and Nick Lachey. Was it worth it MTV??

Now I invite you to momentarily revisit Gimme All Your Lovin’---please hit the crank button.