Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Up, Buttermilk?

Top 3 Favorite Things I Saw on the Road With Chosen

To get Chosen to Oswego for a weekend or maybe just a single night of partying, took eight hours all together. The first two, to get to Ilion, took forever because I was typically by myself and could not wait to see him.

I'd pull up at the house and usually just turn right around, because Chosen had no interest in staying in that town for another second. He'd load his whisker or whatever 30-rack he'd been working on into the front seat with him and away we went. If I stopped at the Fastrac, I'd have to back right out so we could patronize a certain gas station that was locally owned instead (up working class punx).

So there was sometimes substances used and sometimes not, but the hilarity of those next two hours was the meat of my relationship with Chosen. He always had a new mix CD for the trip to put in right away and lots of stories, us gabbing back and forth and me nearly peeing my pants all the while.

After the party (or bender) getting on road again is one of the last things I'd want to do, but that was the catch, it was what I had to do if I expected him to visit. Had to get him there and then home again. (Except for one time when we spent all our money on drugs and alcohol and had no gas, he was soooo pissed).

So here's the Top 3:

3. A fucking SWAN in the middle of the road. It was gorgeous. I started laughing so hard and so did he, the silent laughing where you can't speak, except we both knew we saw the same thing.

2. Ok this was at night: A Tumbleweed! FOR REAL! Like this:
I know! We were on I-90, and not in the Wild West, but there it went, a huge ball, right in front of our car. And it was so ridiculous, made no sense, and neither of us could think of what it was called for about 10 minutes. I was like "It's called....what it does". Then, much later, after the laughing subsided: "Tumbleweed!"
I mean, there was one in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but not in upstate New York. Which makes the next thing I saw on the road with Chosen even more unbelieveable and probably not real.

Number 1: A Dead Grizzly Bear.
I'm positive that we weren't in our right minds for this one. But on the side of the road, just like all the other roadkill, was something gigantic--not a deer, not a skunk...but an enormous mound of fur---

"Was that a fuckin bear?!". And we talked about pulling over to check it out, but if it was a grizzly bear, and it was not dead....well then we better just keep on driving to be safe. But we'll never know.........

Miss ya bud