Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After revisiting the darling coming-of-age film Detroit Rock City, I realized that KISS is pretty awesome. So much of their shtick is..... looking retarded..... and that kept me away from some really great classic rock. And you can really tell they're from NYC in the seventies. If someone put on a KISS song at bar, I might guess New York Dolls or The Heartbreakers. Not really anything difficult, I can see why one might be inclined to form a KISS tribute band. That being said, I still never, EVER want to hear "Rock and Roll All Nite" for as long as I live. But if you can get past that, it's a good band.

For example, I fucking HATED Lynyrd Skynyrd because "Sweet Home Alabama" is so hick-aliciously obnoxious that I never realized their self-titled record is some genuinely good rock. (That song is also NOT on it, but "Freebird" is ;)).

Point is, anthemic songs like that ruin a band's reputation and get old very, very quickly. Especially because every sporting event has the same 15 song track list.

Other songs which give a misleading representation of the band that recorded them:

1. "We're Not Gonna Take It", Twisted Sister
Bad! Same caliber of suck as "Rock And Roll All Nite"!

2. "Fight For Your Right", Beastie Boys
Ick! Everyone cues in on the gang vocals of the chorus like they've never ordered a Rick Moranis at a bar before.

3. "We Are the Champions", Queen
Queen is so SO much better than this. You know what---tie this spot with "Bohemian Rhapsody" as well. Yeah we ALL know the words to it, Broseph.

4. "Blitzkreig Bop", The Ramones
Hey Ho, Let's Go Fuck Ourselves.

5. "Mony Mony", Billy Idol
Billy is one of my favorite dudes ever. This song sounds nothing like anything else he does, but because he repeats the same word over and over, people at 50th Anniversary parties will be forming trains around the room being completely un-punk.

That is all. Listen to KISS.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I've been collecting unemployment for the past few weeks and man, was it fun! $90 a week sucks! I mean, I didn't earn it, but still.

"There's a rainbow!---ON THE GROUND!"

----Cute little , upon seeing oil on the ground underneath my car