Friday, April 17, 2009

Tiger (in the) Woods

My latest adventures take me into the woods. And unlike the streets of Philadelphia, the woods don’t stink of or have any people. That’s not entirely true. I saw a in the creek with her dog and was really surprised. I ducked down and tried to respect her privacy. Not like I shouldn’t have been there (anarchists aren’t supposed to jive with the idea of private property, you know). But I thought I was alone, and that’s kind of the point of woods walking: to think, etc.. You don’t go into the woods to meet sexy singles exactly.

Yesterday I came upon two guys getting high, and had this momentary fantasy of joining and becoming great friends with them for the afternoon. But they thought they were alone and meeting a girl in the woods and sharing your drugs with her might be too weird for anyone.

My most exciting discovery so far is an arrangement of an almost immaculately laid deer skeleton. Every vertebra is snugly set in the mud, all in a row. Of course, I’d hoped it was a wolf or a bobcat, but it was still ing cool to play CSI for an hour.

Claudia helped.


  1. looks like a mastodon, from the ice wizards who could have used another breath before it got shock nagasakied into being killed for less because of those damn spies like us" / evil robot us"

    drove by your hood today. :0

  2. Claudia is a huntress! She probably wizard-found those bones and is going to later go get them by herself and sent them to Terrence for some voodoo shit.

  3. Jeff, that is the funniest paragraph in the english language.

    Katsop, "wizard-found" is the funniest word in the english language.

    I just got in trouble for wizard-laughing in the library.