Monday, May 4, 2009

Loafass Love

This is not a review! This is true love! (At last!) Let’s talk about Loafass, the greatest band in all the land. Remember when you used to get excited about going to shows and actually looked forward to seeing local bands on a regular basis? Maybe I’m retroactively glamorizing the excitement of being young at a fucking MoneyBagsGram show-- and if you get that reference, you’re so Binghamton, good for you! And if you missed Burn the Arsonist, you didn’t have a childhood. I’m sorry. I just wanted to see how that sentence looked on screen. And I LOLed so I’m keeping it.

Now imagine that the same enthusiasm can be reanimated in your brain if only you could see Loafass: Filthadelphia PhunkPunkRock! I remember reading in Dance of Days about kids crying at Rites of Spring shows because they were so overwhelmed by how much the band affected their lives. And I think I could cry at Loafass, because everything is so good; it’s the most joyous marriage of anarchic force and not giving a fuck.

“When I get home, I want a cold, cold beer”. That’s not a convoluted concept. It speaks to the people. I think many people wish they were more proactive, but most of the time, I just want to drink a lot and do drugs-- and that’s what I call “Victory”! Not in a miserable, pathetic Bukowski sense of being a wasteoid, but in a ‘let’s put all bullshit aside and have some fucking fun’!Sometimes you just wake up, and you’re having a Big Dick Day.

I also admire the legitimacy of adding a Minor Threat cover to the album OBOY, which is most excellent. And musically, Enforcer is like a really sick intro to the song Straight to LA. They go together like Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker and Living Loving Maid.

Perhaps Teabaggin’ is the most accomplished song in the Loafass canon. In the least misogynistic way possible Fish explains: “Then you wake up and you hope it ain’t true—look out girl, I just teabagged you!”. If you’d like to see the proof of my devotion, go to Loafass on MySpace and notice that someone is wearing a real DIY shirt, in devotion to the song and to the band--- and that hopeless loser is ME!

But really. Seeing Loafass and watching everyone singing and having good old fashioned fun is great. And I love the crassness of lead singer Fish and his brilliant sarcastic facial expressions plus spitting beer all over the crowd. I’m in love.


  1. there's a distinct possibility that the statement:

    "Musically, Enforcer is like a really sick intro the the song Straight to LA. They go together like Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker and Living Loving Maid."

    is the most relevant and true comparison in music history.

    heart to heart, man. Loafass. I've been waiting for this post for months and I'm not disappointed.

  2. When I was 16, Matt and I visited some older friends in Oneonta. While wandering the streets drunk we came across this kid who say, "hey what are you guys in MoneyBagsGram." Then proceeded to prove to us that he know the stats of every single professional bowler. Years later, looking back, I know understand that he could have just made up the stats on the spot and that this was probably more likely. But I dont think I could ever forget a dude that like, especially because he said to a girl, "I'll cut her face off and eat it in soup."

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

  3. Did gin shots with that dude at EL. Great band. Great gin. Great night. Bad morning.

    p.s. I think your gin shot rhetoric is not correct.

  4. when i see them i remake big dick day to big tit day! cheers to you. keep up the good work and check out my baby blog sometime.

    -rock on

    -amanda Mayhem