Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Number of the Beast

Sadly, the most interesting discovery during woods walking is human garbage. Can you believe this can of beast?? It looks respectable. Unlike the silly non-art can of today. I think Milwaukee could generate more profits amongst today’s conscientious youth with a sentimental design like this. Conjuring images of horses with weathered drivers, pushing on in the Wisconsin rain, the wagon spokes spitting mud onto the barrels of expertly brewed beer. It would encourage reminiscing of harder times, when the working man just needs to saddle up to the tavern for the small comfort that’s in a pint. Oh wait, the working man still does do that. Which is why an effective graphic like this could remind you that you are just like your great grandfathers, and that’s OK, because they were honest men.


  1. What if your grandfather was a pathological liar?

  2. why ask why.... bud light.