Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stalking Stalking the Earth

Besides nature’s beauty, etc…One of the greatest attributes of woods walking is being completely alone with your thoughts. I realize I’m risking pretentiousness here, but there are really not many opportunities for one to really and truly be alone. When you’re at home, you’re not likely to sit in a chair and ponder things unless you’re actually a philosopher sitting in a big arm chair in Paris, smoking a pipe. When you’re home, you’re unwinding; using your leisure time to entertain yourself with books or TV or the computer and it’s really not giving your head a break.

You are alone in your car, but you’re blasting music and your brain is working all the time to operate a vehicle and follow traffic signals, not really at ease, per say. Going for a walk in the city is OK, but still always alert, crossing the street, keeping tabs on every person you see and ultimately thinking about how you’re going to get where you’re going or what time you need to be back, etc…

In the woods, there are not streets to cross, you won’t get hit by car and no one is going to bother you about buying something from them. You don’t have to concentrate on anything you’re doing, it’s just you.

I was talking to a friend last weekend who grew up in an even more remote place, with acres and acres of forest at his disposal. He agreed that the most scary aspect to being out there is not running into a bear or a wolf, but other people.

Same view of the Choconut Creek: April, September & February




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