Thursday, February 5, 2009


My parents have a cottage on a lake in Pennsylvania. My mom saved all her vacation time to spend at the cottage in the summer. There was a girl, Amy, who lived on the lake all year round. We had these plastic horns that we got at a parade and we'd blow them towards the other person's house when ever we wanted to hang out.
So I'd be crafting away in the loft or something and my mom would say "I think I hear the horn!". And I'd run like hell out onto the deck with my horn and blow back. HOOOOONKK! And then I'd ask Dot if he'd take me over there. I guess the road wasn't safe. So I'd get my swimsuit, if I wasn't already in it, get in the boat and head over.
Now Amy is that type of friend who knows way more than you because they have an older sibling and a somewhat broken home. Amy is that friend who tells me about sex when I honestly never even knew that it existed. Which, at that age, Amy described to me as lots of hugging and kissing. She'd seen her parents do this, she says. Our code word for sex was "dinner table". So when we were playing House we would talk about "setting the dinner table" with our husbands.
Her brother, nicknamed Kirby (if that gives you a time frame), played guitar, had an iguana in his room and listened to a loud band called Nirvana.
So I learned the ways of the world for several summers through Amy. One day, I was over and her parents weren't actually there. Kirby was supposed to be watching us. And this time Amy had another friend from school over. Amy and her friend told me there were these three leaves that they wanted me to step on: "we promise there's nothing underneath them". So we took a walk and I stepped on them. Because they told me to. And there was a dead rat underneath the leaves. Which was scary and revolting. And I cried and started to run to the cottage. And Amy yells after me "My brother's gonna get you in trouble!".
I never knew betrayal before!

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