Monday, February 2, 2009

My Name Will Be Mom

I saw this old couple at the store in their late sixties. And the husband paid for their stuff on his credit card. And the woman says "Thanks, Daddy". Someday the love of your life is not going to call you by your name anymore. They're going to call you Mom because everyone else is. Meaning everyone else you live with.
My mom calls her husband "Dot". Once when I was little I talked in an English accent and would say "Mummy and Dotty". And the Dot part stuck. Still. Hank got a new name when he was 45. He calls me Caito. Which I've only been for three years. But I'm so not Caitlin anymore.

Hank was Saint Patrick in the Binghamton Parade last year. And he's neither Irish nor Catholic. He was drunk though. Which is pretty close.

1 comment:

  1. my mom calls me Puppy. Im really glad that one didnt stick with anyone else...

    plus, its what me mom calls me, in another persons mouth its just creepy.