Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boycott This

Let's talk about Erik Petersen. At one point in Oswego, everyone was listening to Bellingham & Philadelphia. Those songs are just like "have sing-alongs of us!" and the kids said "OK!". And Erik packs so many ideas and words into a single song I not only wish I'd written every one of them, but had that shit memorized after a week. And how cool was it, when he came to our little town and played in our party house? That was the best day. I'd also seen Billy Idol the night
before, so actually that whole weekend ruled. Erik at 189! It seemed a little weird because he was such a superstar to us, but he was just doing his thing.
It's also hilarious that Shantz is on Wikipedia. Through Mischief Brew, of course. I liked that guy. And that Falyn of his.
So I was stoked about seeing Erik play in his home town. Philadelphia. City of Brotherly Love, City of the Police. Robert Blake's pretty ok. If that split were My So Called Life, Robert would be Angela and Erik would be Rayanne. Both are great, but Rayanne is also up to something, always has another idea, ready to get into some trouble. And if I were in that TV show I'd be Brian Krakow, the hideous neighbor, because I'm a tool and I have a blog.

So at the show there's all these little kids everywhere. Really young. And loving it. And singing all through. I couldn't be bothered to get in the middle of the dancing. I felt outdated and lame. And then they cried for an encore. And got one! Except it was an old Orphans song and the kids didn't know it! Caito-time to shine you old piece of shit! I may have got up on a chair and sang it loud and proud. But I was kind of miffed by the crowd. I just thought every punk and their punk girlfriend loved his music. And it was weird not to see people freaking out in his hometown.

Since this was an all ages show, all the punks were kicked out at 9:00. And then the REAL party started. While all those suckers biked home and worked on zines while their boyfriends re-heated the crock pot for another bowl of vegetarian chili, I stayed for the MichaelMaddonnaPrince party hosted by Dj Dee Jay!!
Me and Katsop don't take ourselves too seriously. I'm listening to Anti-Product right now. I forgot how good it is.
I'm actually listening Toni Braxton. God, Katsop comes out here in her Hugh Hefner bathrobe and is crunching a pickle REALLY LOUDLY.


And if this were My So Called Life, Katsop would be Erik Petersen and I would be Brian Krakow because I have a blog.

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  1. CAITO!

    that punk house show was the best. i remember it vividly.

    i wanted to share my own mischief brew moment with you that happened somewhat recently.

    one of the last times vessel came to nyc, brent myself and them closed out this williamsburg bar. andy pulled out his iPhone and played 'boycott me' ... it was so jarring to see petersen on an iPhone, but it still tasted just as sweet.

    p.s. i'm going to be in philly march 13-15. maximum yuks must commence.